April 19th, 2011

sleepy ash

Tiger & Bunny

don't judge by it's name pls!

anyways, lolz, I pre-ordered the Blu-ray vol 1 LE w CD @CDJapan

Tiger & Bunny 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]

used my saved up 700 points to basically cover the Shipping lol
but really 3000yen isn't that bad.

"First press edition includes a drama CD, booklet "Monthly Hero" (12p), and slip case illustrated by Masakazu Katsura."
and i love that slip case illustration. <3 Tiger <3
also there's " unreleased pilot footage and PR footage"

side note: i pre-ordered Supernatural: the Anime Series (yes that's what they're renaming it too) on amazon.ca but i can't seem to find out i\IF they are including the Japanese Audio or not. @____@ If not, i don't want it. Did i mention that Jared does do Sam's voice for all eps, but Jensen only for a select few? yes that's right. WTH Jensen?

Better in Japanese anyway mind you.

Also getting this on Blu-ray for $36ish CAD not bad, when compared to a retail of $54.97 USD. But pre-ordering is key on amazon to begin with.

Jun look

A Loss for Us All

Elisabeth Sladen lost her battle with Cancer.
She was 63.

Best known to Doctor Who fans as Sarah Jane Smith. She appeared on the original Doctor Who from 1973-1976; later to return for several appearance opposite David Tennant's The 10th Doctor. She also appeared in 4 seasons of her own series: The Sarah Jane Adventures.
RIP Elisabeth Sladen