April 22nd, 2011

shizu-chan smoke


You have yours; I have mine

But don't attack like a 5 yr old pls.

Flooding someone's f-list with YT & animated gifs that are nearly 500 KB each (that are even poorly created) with no LJ cut is just in poor taste.

This is maybe one good reason to not mix LJ with people you know in real life, damn i get it now. S i ttly get it now. Wish you were still. Miss you.

Anyways this is my first ever Friends Cut!

You think Lady Gaga is awesome. you think she's original. great. good for you. you wanna be her. fine. you wanna never comment on any of my entries? not worth it. not much in common. I can get along with pretty much anyone even my Ice Bitch of a manager who makes ppl cry by ripping into them in public in front of customers and takes delight out of it. Sure I can get along with her, to save my job, but this is a personal time, and I won't do it. Sorry.

True be told Lady Gaga makes me want to vomit. Sorry. Just the feeling she gives off. I did retweet one of her messages cuz she said she'd donate money to Japan. later she said: "donated $400" and i was like? what? $400 just fucking $400?!?!?

Here's a class act: Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million to Japan Relief.

anyways de-friended! i feel much better, or would if i wasn't having one of those tremors in my hand right now.

de-friend me back. i don't care, like i said you never commented on my journal anyway.
Wasted effort that's what i'm good at.

To everyone else on my F-list, i love you, even the leechers. ^_^
Don't worry none of those reading this and caring in the slightest have been removed just one person.
But now i can't say i never do f-cuts anymore. :/