May 1st, 2011

sleepy ash

sharing one more

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shira nai
Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~

Kayano Ai, Tomatsu Haruka & Hayami Saori

1. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ (10 years after Ver.)
2. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ (Memento mori Ver.)
3. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ (10 years after Ver.) instrumental
4. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ (Memento mori Ver.) instrumental

ok ttly forgot to shorten the filename so if it's cutoff it's a zip


Tomatsu & Hayami were in basquash! as Rouge & Violette so we already know how good they sing together.
Masa & Ritsu

Yaoi meme

stolen from xlumierex 

Day 1 - The first yaoi you ever read/watched.
umm don't know. I watched Ai no Kusabi waay back when ever tho, so I'll claim it as the first.

Day 2 - Favorite yaoi manga.
Totally Captivated
Hero's Heel
Loveless - i love it, but i know it's not yaoi (yet) so i had to mention it

Day 3 - Favorite animated yaoi.
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi maybe.. i dunno it's not done yet, or halfway even

Day 4 - An anime series you think should have been a yaoi.
07-Ghost... many see Frau x Teito more as brothers, but i don't >__>
Shounen Onmyouji, sengoku basara.... honestly everything almost. XD
Uraboku - i'm sorry but they managed to clip most of the cute love love scenes from the manga. :/

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Izaya music

watched & watched

watched Supernatural this week cuz it was shifted to saturday instead of Friday, because I prefer Fringe over it. I mean should i've got no clue what's going on in it, but at least no one is writing my fav character as a babbling idiot.

that's right you peeps in charge of the script WTF is up with the lame shit Dean gets to say this season? I've never thought of him as stupid until this season started. Don't even get me started with 'Eve' or 'mother of all' as they started off calling her. -____- And the "dragons" gah

Amber Benson was back. However short lived and unexpected and under appreciated. and i still hate how they do their vamps. the rest of the ep i called everything in it. -_______________-  the kid, the brit, the angel... I've even missed eps this season and it doesn't phase me with being able to follow the story. But most importantly the eps with Baltie make no sense at all, but are hilarious, simply because they make no sense and because of the fact that Sebastian Roche is there. Also got to see Samantha Ferris... i didn't see the ep before it, cuz well fringe was more important.. so i thought 'they' brought her back from the dead, and dean had got nutz adding racing stripes to his car, but the thing that bothered me most was the license plate... srsly. well no it was the fact that Samantha was there... but the dead don't stay dead this season so i thought it was norm. The whole season has just been gibberish. I'm trying to just stick to Sebastian eps,

Fringe's finale is this friday however so i suppose i will finish off SPN's season.. not that i'll get a shock when Sam's brain explodes and we repeat everything again next season.
You heard it's been renewed by now i'm sure.
3 eps of this show remaining. Sebastian will be in the last 2.

2 eps of crapville left. I will for sure watch the last ever episode, cuz the real Lex will be in it.

The Event has 3, i'm assuming due to the fact you have to be able to think to watch this show, that it's been cancelled.

Vampire Diaries body count is high? when in the last ep?
2 eps left. i'm guaranteed a kiss involving boringElena and someone who is not Stefan in the finale. Did anyone else wonder what happened to Elijah in the last ep? poof!

Fringe... it's got me worried about the ppl in the alt-world now too. how did this happen!? clearly it was the work of great acting and writing and collective-ness. And clearly Olivia & Peter are the same person.... wonder what that says about Fauxliva's baby? j/k sort of...

in conclusion i watch too much shit with alternate realities/universes.
Brera Cute!


has been grabbed by Sentai Filmworks. has started listing angel beats for $52.49 that's way too much for me. thanks a lot.

usually i can get a head staart and pre-order things months in advance for lower prices for example Kakkaishi part 1. pre-ordered it at the low price of just $33.49, it's now listing it for $50.49. That's just for the 1st 13 eps. @_@

need to keep my eyes open for Night Raid's appearance.

Tiger & Bunny BRs to include english subs, that's a bonus. I'm just getting the first vol.
also need to look for the Gundam 00 movie appearing on

also need to vote for somebody tomorrow. blue, red, orange, green... hmmm BROG ... BLOG? wow look at that...
i also need to be asleep right now.