May 8th, 2011

you're kidding

Deadman Wonderland ED

finally found this...

TV Anime "Deadman Wonderland" Intro Theme: One Reason
TVアニメ『デッドマン・ワンダーランド』オープニング主題歌: One Reason/ DWB feat.fade

1. One Reason
2. From the Heart
3. One Reason - Instrumental
4. From the Heart - Instrumental

A big thanks to [lomo] for sharing this one. pw is crow I figure Iomo deserves a pw on this one. :D
no scans | includes txt files for the lyrics of the 2 songs.

I'm completely in love with One Reason. Not completely sure why however. lol


I was watching ep 4 and thought (as Ganta was struggling with his SuperBloodPowers): 'don't they train these ppl?' *a small amount of time passes* . . . . to be killers? >__________>''''''

managed to find some more fade albums, i'll share them later. promise.
sleepy ash


Ao no Exorcist - OP Single - CORE PRIDE [UVERworld]
(note: not the anime version release so no tv size)

2.     境地・マントラ (Kyouchi・Mantra)
3.     UVER Battle Royal 〜桁外れmix〜


update: got Nipponsei's Anime Version release now.
includes track 4 - tv size & scans.
or just the tv size

Age of Innocence - 2009

1.     Last Man Standing
2.     So Far Gone
3.     Reflection
4.     Let it Go
5.     The Age of Innocence
6.     Trapped
7.     Reality Lost
8.     face
9.     SPIN
10.     It was you


Kings of Dawn - 2011 mini album

1. Born Ready
2. コズミカリズム
4. Tides of Change
5. Kings of Dawn
6. Livin' On A Prayer (yes it's that song)

sleepy ash

since it's been stated

my net's a bit wonky today...


Same music different lyrics. Both are about corruption, darkness, and humanity. Yeah i've got nothing but hear are the lyrics for both
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free comic book day turned out semi ok. tons & tons of ppl however. @___@
babbled a little bit about it on Ashita He so here's a c&p:

Hit up 2 stores for Free Comic Book Day yesterday. Nothing like getting 2 manga books for F-R-E-E that's right completely free. No charge. Also 3 comic books and a fortune cookie. the line were long. Very Uber Long. 2 stores right beside each other and 1.5 hrs. That's nasty. But free stuff..? Random free shit too. Picked up vol 12 of Let Dai (one of the better volumes) & Vol 1 of Getbackers from the soon to be defunct TokyoPop. Comics wise a flip book for Mouse Guard and The Dark Crystal. Angel & some other random thing that i can't remember the title of, but the art looked nice. Also in full cosplay mode as Dark from DN Angel. Embarrassing to walk across the road to get to Neo Tokyo well the druggies well looking. At least i know those involved in the fatal shotting weren't those druggies tho, as they were all in their 20s... but that's another topic.

i think there's something else i wanna babble about but can't think of it currently.

Black hearts & other lyrics from the mini album can be found here.