May 11th, 2011

Jun look

Tiger & Bunny music

Nipponsei has released their OP & ED Singles so I uploaded them to MediaFire.

OP Single - Orion wo Nazoru [UNISON SQUARE GARDEN]

1. Orion no Nazoru
2. Boku wa Kimi ni Nari tai
3. UNO Story
4. over driver
5. Kara Kuri Karu Kare (Live)

320kbps -No Scans


ED Single - Hoshi no Sumika [Aibouzu]

1. Hoshi no Sumika
2. Hana no na ha Nanohana

Scans | 320kbps


Also Nipponsei's CORE PRIDE which includes the tv size here. Also includes Scans, which is better than my previous upload.
but here's the song solo if want that instead.