May 26th, 2011

gah scrub


cept for the earlier entry today i haven't posted much.

don't know what that was about. Imean it was drought week for work last week. I just worked on friday. woke up at 4am... started work at 6am... worked just til 9:30am.... at the mall til 10:30am-ish home by 11am.... Sebby has liquid death poop that stunk up the whole place. it was so sick..
blah... and i was supposed to be packing up for the cottage for the last time (Aunt & Uncle sold it T__T )
So i'll never be going anywhere anymore. Yeah i suck that much. went out shopping for items needed for cottage. Ate... then watched 2hrs of Supernatural followed by Sanctuary at 10pm.... then suddenly it was after midnight and i was feeling that 4am wake-up.

had a good time at the cottage. it was mostly sunny and a good temperature. had six or possibly 7 drinks. from 2pm - 2am. was up til 2:30am it was starting to get a cool breeze off of the water at that point. I think i was asleep for like 20mins until it was 4am and i woke up! >___< oh the human alarm that is the brain... it's sunday! i don't need to wake up at 4am BRAIN! My uncle Gord was drunk, and Aunt Karen. lolz well really everyone was feeling it, but like i say last time to party at the cottage. The fireworks were also great! We threw (oh yes) the spent ones in the fire afterwards (and oh yes i did happen) one shot off towards the cottage, but just passed it over toward my Uncle David's car >___>'''' and then (once more srsly) one went off towards Gord just to his left, else would have got him right in the face >_____>''''''


it's all good fun!

up at 4am tomorrow. shocking not at all. I hate Fridays. I have to sign at work. Stupid weekly sales. Also Chris is off so Carmen & I have to do Housewares, Linens, Patio, Candy, and the dreaded China department by ourselves. China is gonna be the most confusing part, as Chris normally does all that herself.

oh yeah got a nasty sunburn on saturday... now it's very itchy -___-

Just watched my Junjo Rom S2 DVDs. I loved that season the best.

CDJapan has shipped my Tiger & Bunny vol 1 Blu-ray LE hoping CanPost doesn't strike before it gets here. ~____~

picked up The Sims Medieval for $30 on sunday. i think i like it, but it sucks time like nobody's business.