June 16th, 2011

Jun look

Vancouver & were you know

1 - the best team won
2 - how did this team make it so far?
3 - it was like watch the maple leafs play. AKA it sucked
4 - if 1 guy could win a game, they would have... Thank you for trying to win Kesler
5 - WTF? twins? well okay the Captain is ok H. Sedin but FUCK D. Sedin. Thank you #22 for helping Boston get at least one goal in Game 7. If you want to keep up the theatrics, take some acting classes, since you suck.

Fans? Riots?

I'm sorry but... if these ppl are not at least some of them fans why the hell do the own expensive jerseys?
We ("we" as in Canada or Vancouver, not really me, i pretty much believe anyone can be a complete idiot) can try to "claim" it was all non fans, but that's just not true.

I like this article. But i'm pretty cynical.

The fact is most of the rioters were young ppl. Young = stupid.
Damn they were posing for pics, w no disguises.
At least one of them brought in a truck before the game with the intent of burning it after the game win or lose.... 

So sure not all fans were there, but you can't say there wasn't a ton present. Or maybe "fans" is the wrong term. Not all of Vancouver was present. Who knows how many that helped to clean up even watch hockey or like that team.

i didn't watch the whole game but almost. It was disgusting, as is the riot afterwards.
cept for Kesler tho. He needs to be traded to a better team.
On that note.... Tomas Kaberle... you've gotten The Cup!
You got out of Toronto and finally got it!

gods it's bedtime. i'm so exhausted. 5 - 4am wake-ups this week is killer.

ps: no disrespect meant for any vancouver ppl or fans. just sayin