June 28th, 2011

sleepy ash

Just read the statement from Bonnie Brooks

The woman with the most irritating voice ever...

shared w us June 17 on the hbc site, but since i fail at reading the news there I just looked at it now.

she talks about watching it on CTV news until the wee hours of the morning.. "it" being the riot in Vancouver, btw. Being both sad and scared at what the were seeing, since there were associates trapped in the Vancouver Downtown Bay store during the whole thing. It just wasn't safe to leave (much like Michael Buble's family that were trapped in a theatre). The team trapped inside were updated Bonnie as much as possible. The store canopy caught on fire from the burning cars outside. She also mentions the new shops on West Georgia Street: Chanel, mac, & coach (want a $300+ purse? look no further).

Alarms and sprinklers were going off and all associates were evacuated to the upper floors for safety.
Apparently there were also good Samaritans trying to protect the store, videos were shown on CTV. She mentions how one person signing the boarding set off something more. "It means so much to us, especially our staff and management in the Downtown store and all around the lower mainland, to see the citizens of Vancouver show up with buckets and brooms and ladders to help us clean up our Vancouver Downtown store and the streets and shops around our store."

A customer even brought back the 'Coach bags the looters were trying to sell on the street the night before." Another brought in a mannequin arm & leg they found out on the street.

Now than there is her use of the term: "hoarding" does that have a secret meaning that's lost on me? Or did she really misspell boarding 3 times?

and with this one act, Canada (no not just Vancouver the whole country) becomes a joke for the whole world. I thank you. srsly. thankyouveryfuckingmuch for your stupidity. Even if seeing guys running with purses, smiling makes me slightly grin as well, I'd like to shoot them all to rid Canada of some of the stupid ppl here.

edit: oh.... "Ed Belfour, Doug Gilmour, Mark Howe and Joe Nieuwendyk have been named to the Hockey Hall of Fame."