July 18th, 2011

sleepy ash

My tweets

  • Mon, 00:54: so apparently Japan won the #worldcupfinal So congrats!
  • Mon, 01:07: i expect to miss #gh until carly dies or becomes mute and the same with spinelli Sad pile of crap writing/characters.
  • Mon, 02:02: damn it's too frelling hot for words! 34c w humidex at 10pm >_____<
  • Mon, 02:22: RIP Candice Grube
  • Mon, 02:23: RT @CTVSWO: Two pedestrians struck by a car near Atwood. A 20-year old girl has died, her 15-year old sister is in hospital. http://t.co ...
  • Mon, 06:30: just wasted 1.5 hrs in FF8 God I hate not being able to save when i want too.