July 26th, 2011

sleepy ash


Finally finished watching [C].
I couldn't remember what episode I had last seen, so started at 8.
Lots of "WTF?ery" with that one.
i will clearly need to rewatch from start to finish at some point. It's nice being able to watch it on the tv via Izaya though. Very comfy on the bed vs desk chair. lol

Hoping someone gets the OST.

Speaking of OSTs... still waiting for the assholes that are Canada Post to give me my Ao no Exorcist OST. It's pissing me off.
SAL is 1-3 weeks. Used to get things 2 days after 3 weeks, but then it got faster and it was within 2 weeks, and then they went on strike and were locked out, later to be forced back to work, and CDJapan was delaying mailing things t Canada. But well ok.. Canada Post where is my OST!?!?
4 weeks on the 27th, tomorrow. I'm willing to kill to get it. FYI.

Working this week:
mon: 7-10
tues: 6-12
wed: 7-10
thu: 6-12
fri: 6-12

(week before was: tues: 6-9, thurs 6-9, friday: 6-12)

Originally I had Thursday off, and Friday was 7-10am, but boss forgot Chris was off. And Carmen didn't want to be doing the signing solo.
Also the AC on the upper level is broken! It's the new unit too! refunds? XD The China department's like a sweat box, towels is awful. Nearly died over there on Monday tying to fastly throw out stock.