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July 30th, 2011

gah scrub

ah work...

So i applied for the ISM part-time position at work,. (ISM - in-store marketer)
I'm not even sure why I did. I mean Wendy made me, that much is certain. Anyways after the interview the boss lady went on vacation for 2 weeks. Then nothing at all from her until Friday just before my shift was over and she says: 'I wanna give you the job, but I want to test you out. So over the next 2 weeks i'm going to give you projects to do. Is that okay?'
Me: "yep!"
She says it like it's an option, where I could say no and still get the job. S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D out am I. She's like: there's a couple of tables that need done. Me... (tables? where? what? who?) Then I start thinking: 'why did i apply for this job? oh right cuz wendy made me.' gods i'm gonna go nuts! I love how everyone else thinks i can do this, but i don't. I guess that's a life time of being bullied coming back at me. zero self-esteem. zero confidence. -____-

Oh happy one day weekend... *dies*
I\m working a 6hr shift tomorrow doing CIPs (change in price). I'm not supposed to work weekends. But you see Monday is a civic holiday so they would have to pay us time & a half, and there's no way in hell they'd do that so yeah... one day weekend aka no long weekend for me. :/

I think we'll be mass marking down more of the clearance in ladies wear. joyous. And during store hrs too.
Also I got that monthly present today. lucky lucky me! Hoping to be in the areas where the AC is working, it'll be 31c w/o the humidex tomorrow.

You see my Carmen got the full time ISM job for ladies wear. And Wendy got a new job as marketing manager over at Masonville's Bay store. I miss her lots already!