September 3rd, 2011

Jun look

so i was told there's no such thing as a seiyuu fangirl


Said person said that I was the only person he knew that would be considered one, so that means that there is no such thing.

Wow the things I have to put up with. Not to mention the confusingness of things spoken. And when one's been up since 4am it seems even more "wtf?" worthy. So glad for this 3 day weekend. That means only 4 days of 4am wake-ups this week. Yay!

Topic starts thanks to random Persona 3 talk because I mentioned the P4 anime...
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I don't really care if it's "aimed at" boys or girls. I can't really tell what is and isn't. XD

I just know what i like and don't like. Skip beat for example. was blah. so i dropped that. So does that make me a boy?
ne! ne!?

and if a series is full of girl characters that means only girls watch it? hell no! that would be too boring for me. A 1-of-A-Kind mysterious never heard of before ever ever EVER! seiyuu fangirl!

sometimes i wonder about this thing called the internet and those on it.

Next topic!
Characters and at least trying to understand where they are coming from before judging them.
No.6... so there's this guy on animetunes who is watching it. Fav chara is Safu. Thinks Sion is a loser.

"The guy gets white hair and some pink marks and comes wailing down. Way to make a big deal out of everything Shion."

Srsly wtf? Who wouldn't freak out about something like that? I would.

Anyways I hate this person. Brags about everything. Goes to the best school. Knows everything after all his mom, dad and sister are all artists and he's a writer. Also the reason this nu forum sucks more than aost. is him. bai-bai new forum.

I think as a veiwer you should/need to put yourself into the charater's place at time.

Genres.... I just have the main ones. The old school, you go into a movie store and see them type. So I'm so sorry but "Psychological Thillers" are NOT Sci-Fi. Said person says he loves sci-fi, but only ones that fall into the Thiller catergory (though he claims they are sci-fi and not psychological). But then why don't you like true sci-fi shows? huh? most likely because you don't like sci-fi.


Okay so Lost Girl S2 premeres tomorrow night! I cannot wait! So excited! Getting 22 episodes this season too!