September 15th, 2011

shizu-chan smoke

No.6 fandom

quick post before eating supper...

I believe this is the worse fandom i've ever been apart of.
The "fans" are shit. Mind you not all of them. Like those I added as friends... but wow!

If you hate the anime don't watch it.
I mean WTF is your problem anyway? it was 11 episodes. for 9 novels. I thought they did an excellent job. Given the limitedness.

So pls grow the fuck up now.

Signed one against all this hate all over the internet these days.
Izaya music


I was making this salad dressing i've been making for a while... and then suddenly just forgot how to make it. Completely blank.

My Grandma on my Mom's side i don't really remember she had Alzheimer and Parkinson's diease. At age 57 she was driving the car with my mom and her grandma in it, and she stopped suddenly and said: "I don't remember how to drive." My Mom who was 16 and just got her licenese had to drive them home.

It's kinda scary.

Also working slowly on this: