October 25th, 2011

Butler, Kagami

Guess i'll find out if...

Things mailed from Japan get here faster than from the US. Waiting for my first ever order from rightstuf to get here. 2 Weeks tomorrow.

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October 4thish

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Saved this shelf from the garbage truck. What a little cleaner and a multi-tool of allen wrenches can't do. and well some mack-tack.
It's not as nice or heavy duty as my rubber wood one, but for the price of 'free', its great. lol

Picked up the special Walmart PotC thing since it came with a chest:

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sleepy ash

anime update

watched kimi to boku ep 4 and loved it. i know i know, im that sad, but i don't know why i'm enjoying this show about nothing lol

chihayafuru watched eps 3-4 and finally, finally in ep 4 got to hear current Wataya for like one sentence. >.< Soon (i hope) i'll be able to hear Hosoya speak. Chihaya is very annoying. More so as a little kid, but even as a high schooler annoying and kind of stupid.

I may need to reacquaint myself with TeniPuri so i can hear Hosoya in something. This is all because he was so awesome in No.6