November 4th, 2011

Ono Dai-chan


post about xmas cards is coming soon

Watched Sekaiichi and got a bit teary eyed to crying... gods i suck sometimes, but it was just too cute.

Guilty Crown ep 4 - well i love this series even if a ton do not. lol

Got my No.6 OST II in the mail today along with the random buy that was final fantasy type-o preview book.... which has seiyuu in it!
Also i really did think the main chara was female... I`m so sorry Kaji! ¬___¬````
Anyways too much goodness there.

Need to play caught up with persona 4 & Un-go and anything else that i`m supposed to be watching.

I`ve officially started x-mas shopping with the purchase of a Teacup Piggy for Lily (My cousin`s daughter) The piggies`name is Bubbles... she`s kinda cute. lol talks and stuff.

will attempt to share No.6 OST II later.