November 20th, 2011

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Watched this week's Un-Go

and finally FINALLY saw something that resembled Kouga Yun's art. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!
The Novelist (oddly or not voiced by Kaji Yuki) Hoping to see more of him. He was so perfect! Of course a bit different from the characters I'm used to hearing Kaji in the role of these days. Evil. And evil is good.

Just saw the trailer for Pixar's "Brave" and true is out there, that i don't particularly like Pixar. I find their movie tend to be bland and boring. And this one is no exception. Do yourself a favour and go watch Fantaghiro or something. Even watching Mulan would be good at this point (I love that movie btw, even if it is disney). Some comments compared it to the train wreck movie known as: How to Train Your Dragon without dragons... i could see how they'd think that. I've not seen the shit movie, but from a trailers i saw i can understand completely.

Then there's my finally realizing why it is that i just don't really like Sanctuary... well it's not that i don't like it, it's more that I just like the episodes with Telsa. XD  And it's not as if a have a vampire fetish... or maybe i do, in a picky sort of way, since i don't like all vampires that come around.  Could be the actor... though I've only (knowingly) saw him in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as Duncan, and I didn't mind him. An odd character, but you know, retail.... Apparently he was in episode 17 of the first season of Jeremiah, so i may need to pop in the disc with that episode and watch out for a guy named... Edgar Weston.. and never mind i remember him now. the Librarian. I have a memory of a hawk.. well not really, but I did read a plot summary just now, or at least enough of it and recall the episode. One of my favourite shows after all. Want season 2 on DVD. But can't see that happening. And he was in "A Bear Named Winnie" but i can't see myself watching that one again. Bawled like a baby. Specially when she (yes yes Winnie, short for Winnipeg, was a girl, not a brainless boy bear with a shirt, thanks again Disney <-- they gave "him" the shirt) starving herself but got up enough strength to safe the little kid... Also this would be assuming i still have the VHS tape I taped it on somewhere.. and could get the VCR to work.... Anyways he seems to selectively select the Canadian shows I do not watch or something. XD

I've gone out of my way to watch various TV shows and movies that CKR appears in. Things I don't think I'd normally watch. Like Californication. Oh yes! I watched it. Or at least most of the season episode he was in until we got rid of the Movie channels to save monies.

Since i have My Dearest on repeat I'll say just this: Guilty Crown is NOT a repeat of Code Geass. I don't know where people get this ideas from. I don't really see the links to it. But than I don't pause movies and watch it slow motion to catch goofs either.

okay i've been getting distracted writing this so that's my cue to just hit the post button i think.
I did also find a Jonathon Young fansite, I blame that solely.
Butler, Kagami

You Know What's Funny?

Srsky this is the reason I shouldn't think too much about things. In a series like Sanctuary, one filled with supernatural beings that are main characters I tend to pick the human as my fav (see: Kenzi in Lost Girl; mind you Hale is growing on me and he's a siren. But mainly for a coupling w Kenzi. Of course I love Dyson, but this is going off topic). So it's funny that I pick Tesla as my fav of this series. Or is it?

A Christmas party this tuesday. So even though i've not set up for xmas here yet, i've festively bought a gift for that. With a limit of $10 there's not much one can do with that. Mind you I did see a cute little Hot Coca set with a rather big pinkish Hello Kitty Mug, but Mom thought I shouldn't pick that for the gift. I tend to pick things I like. Since I'd never give anything I won't want to anyone else. Mental Mind check. Coffe cup white w tree outlines in black and red birds. It's very pretty @ 5.99 plus candy canes to top it off. Or a small trip to the dollar store tomorrow...

The AMA's are on tonite so that means no new Once Upon A Time, that's a letdown I must say. I've grown fond of that boring guy from Stargate Universe, playing Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. It's the perfect role for him.

At least Lost Girl is new tonite. And rumor has it in a couple more eps of Sanctuary Telsa will be back. Bonus.

I can't stop listening to My Dearest by supercell. I fail. I know. #TeamGuiltyCrown

Now back to raping
Jun look

Rest Eternally

I'm not trying to make a habit of this but posting another entry since I just heard about it (via twitter)

RIP John Neville
1925-2011 age 86
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