January 8th, 2012

sleepy ash

One Live to Life

So it's finally upon us. The final week of the Soap Opera: "One Life to Live"

Kristen Alderson who's played the role of Starr Manning for 13 years got to sing her "One Life" song over a montage on Friday's episode. So naturally I was bawling during it... >____>''''''

Blair: Okay, you know what we're going to do? We're gonna pray, alright?
Starr: I don't even know how--
Blair: Yes... you can do that. You just-- You just listen to your heart, okay? Think of it-- think of it as a song. You just open up your heart. And the words will come, alright?
Starr: *exhales*
Blair: Alright?

A Jail break involving what one might call insane people, more so then normal jail status peoples has left the town in trauma.

One Life to Live
July 15, 1968 - January 13, 2012