January 10th, 2012


Anime Update and well mail

Natsume Shi

Another - tried the first ep. Abe's in this so that's a plus. Also good so far. But if it drags too much... well let's just say it could go either way.

Daily Lives of High School Boys - please see the Pic Spam

Aquarion Evol - haven't watched it yet, but it's on the list. It's a Satellite. Kanno Yoko music... and Kawamori Shoji. Also cast is nice.... Yeah It's d/ling right now.

Nu TeniPuri - so far so good.

Recorder to Randoseru - 3 mins long and it was awful. But Okki's chara did get arrested....

Brave10 - i need to watch this subbed. I was slightly lost, but really wanted to see it and so couldn't wait for the sub also needed to hear the OP. And I can work with it. ^^

Got some things I ordered from Amazon.ca today. Sanctuary S1 & S2 ($20.99 each) on Blu-Ray. Halloween 6, cuz it's the only one I don't have on DVD (1, 2, 4 & 5). Also How to Break a Dragon's Heart Audio Book read by David Tennant.

and bought these 3 BDs on Saturday for $22 + taxes.

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Hotsuma burn

omg br

Battle Royale on BLU-RAY??? SRSLY!??!!?



ahem.... i'm that much of a fan.
there goes $42.... But finally! real subs... well official ones anyway.

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