January 12th, 2012


Aquarion EVOL has my soul

or so it would seem.

Started this Kagura vector. Srsly why does he have to be a bad guy? Not that the "good guys" are all good either lol

Never seen anything related to this series before, but that's not gonna stop me. Kaji Yuki's in this on with You-kyan... T___________T err-- ahem left over from Guilty Crown.... 
Suzumura - Cayenne; Toriumi Kousuke - Andy; Uchiyama Kouki - Kagura; Namikawa Daisuke - Shrade; Suwabe Junichi - Donar; Nakajima Megumi - Sazanka; You-kyan - Mikage; Inada Tetsu - Commander