February 17th, 2012

too close!

Lightning speed!

So I got my RightStuf package today that was shipped on the 8th. I must say that's a new record.
I now have all of Tales of the Abyss. Whew. Also Part 2 of Ao no Exorcist. I don't really want the rest of the series, as it goes down hill after a certain episode and all.

Amazon.ca is finally getting ready to ship my Sengoku BASRA 2 LE. took them long enough. Came out on the 7th.... *shakes head* if i had ordered from RightStuf, i'd have it right now.

Got my Guilty Crown OST on Monday.
Got my Kotetsu Plushie on Tuesday.

Now i'm in the beginning of my 5-day weekend. Due to hour cut backs at work, and a holiday on Monday (Family Day) and will be back at work on Wednesday.

Will share the OST in a locked post soon.
Sou if you'd like the OST post here and i'll email you the link/pw.

Still trying to recover from this cold i've got.

Trying to work on Ashita he a bit since i'm off.
I've got a new affiliate. That's a start I suppose. She's applied for 6 awards i'm giving her 5. So I updated some of those graphics... with my vectors. lolz