March 30th, 2012

Jun look


i would like to take this moment to thank whom ever it was that brought in this evil super-flu to the store. Thank you and again Thank You.

Monday night - dinner - im eating and thinking 'wow my left side of my throat is really sore' Had to stop eating because of it.
Tuesday 1:40am im up. I have to upstairs to the main floor to be near the toilet.
I'm the type of person who will do anything not to vomit. I didn't btw, but almost 3 times. Back down to my bed at 4am.
Dead to the world on Tuesday. Called in Sick on Wednesday. Went to work on Thursday and today.

I only took in liquids from Tuesday - Thursday.
Still not up to par, but feeling better....

you know minus my sciatic nerve which makes it very uncomfortable to sit, stand or lay down for any amount of time. I'd love to not have a numb foot. srsly wth is this?

This is a flu that knocks down ppl who normally don't get sick. This isn't a cold. I can do colds. I don't like them, but i can manage them. Also i don't have a fear of tissues...

anime wise:
Brave10 -complete-
Guilty Crown -complete- <-- loved it
Fairy Tail <-- survived the 7 yrs thing Yay!
Natsume Shi -complete-  <-- love this show
Inu x Boku SS <-- have the last, but not watched. sick and all
Aquarion EVOL .... TT________TT WHY?!?! WHY??!?!
Gundam AGE - im behind.. again.

I did work on Sunday, so it's thrown me out of whack. no one should have to get up at 4am on a sunday. No One.