August 17th, 2012

sleepy ash

My tweets

  • Thu, 15:53: It's Freddy! #gh
  • Thu, 15:55: Mayb they'll hv a Vickerman screening lol #gh
  • Thu, 15:56: Omg John n company were fast! #gh
  • Thu, 15:59: Omg Jason lol ppl don't inject illnesses unintentionally! #gh
  • Thu, 16:11: My CityTV was mute for about 5mins. had to CC #gh I wonder why they can't kill the vol 4 TempMaxie?
  • Thu, 16:13: the chan i used 2 watch #oltl on would 'randomly' mute out Kyle x Oliver scenes too....
  • Thu, 16:15: i keep hearing negative comments about @valentinifrank & @carlivatiron but I'm watching #gh now more than i have in yrs. /fact
  • Thu, 16:16: while watching #gh i almost choked 2 death on a rice cracker, with only sake to save me.... rice w rice?