August 22nd, 2012

Nezumi content

No.6 and meme day 2

got my copy of No.6 BD today. So i've watched eps 1 - 5 with Japanese Commentary on. Wow so much info to take in! Wanted to continue but needed to do other things tonight. Do not like that the sub refers to Nezumi as "Rat" however. Semm with Inukashi as "Dogkeeper" It's the details at ruin things for ppl. Was interesting to learn that Kaji had read the novels before being in the anime, and he also after it was announced that No.6 was going to be an anime series, he went to the site and downloaded the wallpaper on it at the time and used it as his desktop cuz he liked it. All this before getting the role of Sion. ^^

Sentai also spells 'Sion' how i spell it sothat must mean it's wrong right? lol

Apparently Aimer read the bovels and then wrote the ED theme based on the feeling she got from them. And the Directors decided to use Aimer's song after just 1 listen.

Day 02: Your least favourite male seiyuu:

Miyata Kouki

Hes helimum voice is just too much for me! Best role I can associate with him is from tactics.

If i remember correctly he likes to suck on candies while doing voice work to keep his throat from becoming sore.... just an useless fact.