September 29th, 2012


Disney Date 2 Opinions

d/led this today....

Contains to dramas I guess, one of Snow White from Ishida Akira 13:20
And the other is something about a Tower from Yamadera Kouichi 20:57

Haven't listened to either yet, but will listen to Ishida over Yamadera.

2 - Kamiya is singing Hi Ho from Snow White... I'm undecided. lol Chorus is lovely though.

- should probably state (once more) my boycott of all things US DIsney.

3 - Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) by Shimono Hiro.... what's not to love about Shimono? Could have used a little bit of english here nad there tho. lol

4 - You'll be in my Heart (Tarzan) by Seki Tomokazu - LOVE THIS ONE ♥
5 - Lara Lou (Lady and the Tramp) by Sakurai Takahiro - i just want to know why they give him awful songs to sing? mellow and blah!
6 - Love is A Song (bambi) - Midorikawa Hikaru - Is this..? really Bambi? Wonder why it sounds really familiar in Japanese. Bambi is a stupid movie btw.
7 - Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp) by Okiayu Ryoutarou - why they couldn't give this man a better more lovely song I'll never understand.
8 - Good Company (Oliver & Company) by Okamoto Nobuhiko - LOVE THIS ONE - completely bias as Oliver and Company is my favourite Disney Movie.
9 - Great Spirits (brother bear) by Yamadera Kouichi - I know everybody loves this guy, but I do not.
10 塔の上のラプンツェル ―朗読― - by... who eles? Yamadera Kouichi. Drama.

Disc 2 Duets and karaokes
1 - Beauty & the Beast by Okki & Seki Tomo - srsly... Tomo's best female singing voice is here!
2 - Hakuna Matata by Shimono & Okamoto >___> and some other person.... Great match up for a duet for sure. If only that other person wasn't in it ruining it.
3 - It Shines on something - a song from that Rapunzel movie by Midorikawa & Sakurai....
4 - Everybody Wants to be a Cat (a duet by himself...?) by Yamadera Kouichi again....
5 - Beauty & the Beast by Seki & U
6 - Hakuna Matata by Shimono & U
7 - Rapunzel song by Midorikawa & U
8 - Everybody Wants to be a Cat by Yamadera Kouichi & U
9 - Beauty & the Beast by U & Okki
10 - Hakuna Matata by U & Okamoto
11 - Rapunzel song by U & Sakurai
12 - Everybody Wants to be a Cat by U & Yamadera Kouichi

there you go. my views... minus the dramas of which haven't been listened too yet. And I can't see myself listening to the Yamadera one. Ever.
sleepy ash


my Mark Hildreth radar must be off. Srsly? Sten in Dragon Age: Origins? this is just--

atleast i should be excused for this one: Desmond Askew (i did however recently buy all of Roswell on DVD tho)  and I did think Jowan sound familar.

I'm still 100% Farscape fan at least with Claudia Black as Morrigan.
I did look this up a while ago, to just make sure I wasn't hearing things and that Morrigan was Claudia, and that Flemeth was Kate Mulgrew.. just didn't look at anyone else per say. lol
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