March 7th, 2013

sleepy ash

My tweets

  • Wed, 16:36: i was watching #GH sonny & kate were getting naked and i fell sleep. what a waste of an afternoon
  • Wed, 16:42: Pls to anyone out there do not use RavenBeauty's name 2 bash/attack actors She's too kind of a person fighting the battle of her life #gh
  • Wed, 16:43: RT @anobid: Please light a candle and say a prayer today and every day for our beloved #RavenBeauty SoapDiva. Please RT xoxoxo http://t. ...
  • Wed, 16:47: Remember to pick up your copy of People's #GH 50th Ani SE today. Canadians that's $15.99 save up and skip timmies!
  • Wed, 18:29: i think i can speak for the entire store when i say: thank god we don't have those bunnies here -
  • Wed, 18:32: fashion sucks. there said it. keep in mind you can buy bedding that matches your clothes as well