May 10th, 2013


ugh up for work

go to bed early... go to bed early...go to bed early...
9pm: ugh cat's outside
9:30pm: still outside

9:45pm: inside but wants out
10pm: full on ignore of cat

12am: can't get to sleep

totally listened to 2 mins of "garden gate" by OLDCODEX before realizing it was my alarm! >__<
wake up 3:57am
sexy kitten

i swear it's not my fault

if anything it's CDJapan's for sending me that email.
Cuz in all honesty I won't have known about it, nor have been looking up Sawano Hiroyuki at this point. Since I already have Shingeki no Kyojin's OST on pre-order and everything.

So that's right mark me down for: "Ao no Exorcist Plugless" LE as well.
It's all like: 'includes greatest hits from tv series & movie'
and i'm like: "got those already."
it: "Includes acoustic version composed by Hiroyuki Sawano,"
me: *jaw drop*
it: "bonus CD "Blue Exorcist BGM selection" "
me: BGM select-- ion.... *drools*
it: "and special case."
me: spec--ial... case...? O_______O

totally ordered it. 3500yen + 500yen shipping -100yen in points....

hmmm wonder how much shit i've ordered for July? >__>''''

May's pretty bad actually:
May 15th - KAmiYU's 'REASON' ED from Karneval (that's Kamiya & Irino if you didn't know) Catchy song gets stuck in my head always
May 22nd - OLDCODEX's Single "The Misfit Go" Arata's ED - weakness for Tatsu-chan, tho I hate is chara in the series >___>
May 22nd - Song Riders "TRAUMA" Devil Survivor 2's ED (another Kamiyan anime >__>)
May 25th - Karneval * Parade 1
May 28th - Karneval vol 1 BD LE
^-- that's just what i ordered from CDJapan...

amiami has my Nicholas D Wolfwood figure for late May; also a couple K things; a couple PSYCHO-PASS things...
HLJ - (assuming no more 'sorry' emails bastards) - Karneval Karakore box; 2 boxes of Hakuoki Mascot Strap; Psycho-Pass Denim Tote Bag. - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 BD (over a month since the release in the US, why?);  Hakuoki Ova Collection ;  Psychic Detective Yakumo: Complete Collection; Tiger & Bunny Set 2 BD; 07-ghost vol 4 (finally!! it's been years! really.); Howl's Moving Castle BD/DVD combo.