May 25th, 2013


The end of Irish

and with the end of Friday May 24th, Kyle can no longer (legally) work in Canada. So i'm getting a new ISM (in-store marketer) for my area. Completely sucks too.
Here you have someone will to actually work, and in retail at that, but they won't let him stay in the country, Yet they let in tons of asshats who just sit in the food court all day and do nothing. They don't work. Why should they when Canada is stupid enough to give them everything for nothing?

Makes us angry.

Kyle's gf doesn't make enough money to just marry him to keep in the country either. Not that marriage should be a solution though.

So this means im getting a girl from cosmetics to replace him. She was the ISM before Mary-Anne was, but back then all you did was market, now an ISM doesn't market at all. lol I'm sure as hell not doing everything.

PS her nick name is: "Lick me up and down Tammi"  yay me! cannot wait.
She better get in shape quickly and be wearing runners... high heels aren't gonna work out. Also pants pls!