July 20th, 2013


Ao no Exorcist - Too Late To Say Lyrics

Too Late To Say
music: Sawano Hiroyuki
lyrics: mpi / Sayulee

Caught by the golden ring
Can't run away from it
When they recite a spell
This ring will hurt me
Caught by the golden ring
I'm a child of human and evil
Can't run away from it
How long should I hid my self
How long...

I've lost my focus and I cannot see you anymore
And there's a blue frame that's flickering
Where I cannot even draw my sword
All this power's in me, yet I cannot wield it alone
If you can hear, tell me now
What it means

Collapse )

Typed out from the booklet... not a typo for 'frame' though we all know it should be 'flame' lol

woke up w a slight migraine

it's knocking me down. But i still need to go out and do stuff. Took a gravol for the nausea. ate some soda crackers. Need to hit walmart. Can't wait for that.

I'll just need to take some mentos' with me. peppermint helps.

Yocchin's 1st Mini Album

No this isn't a joke. Yoshino Hiroyuki's 1st Mini Album is set for release on August 28th.
2 Edition will be available Limited Edition, and Regular.
I've pre-ordered the LE one for myself. I'm that kind of girl.
Limited Edition cover (source: CDJapan)

Regular Edition (source: CDJapan)

The LE comes with a DVD.

Where to buy:
CDJapan: LE / Reg
amiami: LE / Reg
amazon.co.jp: LE

CDJapan is offering a first press bonus: "CDJapan exclusive photo (Size: 8.9cmx 12.7cm) "
I ordered mine from CDJapan for 3143yen