March 21st, 2014

Jin - Aqaurion EVOL

the asshole known as my brother

if it came down to it he wouldn't stand by me. that's why he's an asshole.

His life is a mixed bag of WTFs (and it's really both funny and sad) and here we go!

Mom and I are going to meet his girlfriend on Sunday. Okay really we are going to see his place, but since his girlfriend moved in a couple weeks ago and we'ver never met her it's for both reasons i guess...?

Wait for it...... She's married. She's Filippo, like my Step-mom. Her husband is in the Philippines with their children. She's working here on contract and sending money home for the family. No figure pointing..... My baka brother is ALSO married to his 2nd wife, mother of his 2nd child. Sharyl is working on contract on Grand Cayman where they met, while their son is in the Philippines being raised by her parents, and brother & Sister. We've never met her..... never will at this point. Most likely will never see the kid EVER.

Values? Where?

Anyways current girlfriend's name is Jane.... his name is Jan.... so is their name: JaJane? or just JANe? Stupid Stupid brother of mine.

sorry just a little venting post.

I dread Sunday.