July 1st, 2014

Mikoto v

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is 147 today.

and that's all I got. lol

It's currently muggy and 32c with the humidex. aka it's hot and heavy and icky. where's the snow? Time to com back!
Also attempting to make myself a new wallpaper so I can move out of the winter one with Yato. It's going badly. But i truly suck at wallpapers.

Pic Spam

Nendoroid Eren is evil.
Nendoroid Eren
Took min 45 mins to get him to not fall apart...

But not as creepy as the Titan Bust is:
Nend and titan Eren Bust

Got Barnaby in the mail a few weeks ago from a friend:
Fried Rice Anyone?
Every night is Chicken Fried Rice night now.

Trimmed some of my First Press Poster Ads:

That was fun, wasn't it?