August 14th, 2014

sleepy ash

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  • Wed, 14:03: Screw the towels give me the wedding!!! #GH
  • Wed, 14:04: Thank you! #GH
  • Wed, 14:06: Ok could we just have the wedding in this ep? The rest is filler crap. #GH
  • Wed, 14:11: When a Man U love dies usually u mourn it. So could we have Elizabeth mourn pls? #GH
  • Wed, 14:13: But by the time Dante unties Nathan it'll be tomorrow! #GH
  • Wed, 14:14: Was it haircut day for some of the guys? #GH
  • Wed, 14:20: How does anyone watch 10 eps of the golden girls in a row exactly? #GH
  • Wed, 14:21: Well he can run with tied hands! Hurry! #GH
  • Wed, 14:23: Thank u Maxie! But Levi's got that gun still. And he really wants those jewels #GH
  • Wed, 14:26: 'Come on Joey... Pick Dawson or Pacey!' We don't want that lengthy battle here, do we? #GH
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