August 24th, 2014


the stream of things

So recently I've been watching some of my owned anime:

So I started with:

PSYCHO-PASS of which I own on the regular edition sets. I was going to get the LE one but well bad box IS bad. Apparently the replacement Artbox is also bad. lol Also I already own the OST anyway. So I opted out of that one and ordered the normal ones instead.

Then I watched:

Infinite Ryvius. Airs Blue was my favourite character btw. BANDAI DVD

Next up:

Escaflowne the series. BANDAI DVD. Watched for my 2nd time in Japanese (has one of the best English dubs you'll ever hear btw)
And than I released something.... something that connected these 3 shows. They all have Seki Tomokazu in them! >.>'''''

While watching Escaflowne, Robin Williams passed away. I'd heard that aside from Ghost in the shell (which i do not like) he liked Cowboy Bebop. So I decided to attempt to the watch the series again, and breaking my SekiTomo chain as well. But-- attempt #4 has failed too. I own this series, but I just can't watch it. I can't. Lots of filler eps... Once Upon A Time season3 came out, and I bought it and i'm watching it now. >.> damn.

I'm alive. comment if you see this post.

DRAMAtical Murder episode 8

So we got to see Noiz's ending... sort of. You know the PG no romance version. Aoba's reaction to learning Noiz was younger then him was classic. Noiz being 19; Aoba 23.

Inside Noiz's head was a cold, dark, lonely place. Living in a world w/o being able to feel either through pain or touch left Noiz isolated. Abandoned by his parents even.

What happens in this ep?

Aoba cuts Noiz with a screwdriver (sorta)
Noiz sleeps on couch

Aoba wakes him up with coffee...

Aoba burns Noiz via said coffee (sorta - blame him here too lol)

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