October 7th, 2014

sleepy ash

My tweets

  • Mon, 16:36: Old school Elizabeth #gh
  • Mon, 16:37: It's a sign guys #gh
  • Mon, 16:40: I can't watch #GH with all this Sonny & Carly shit makes me ill to see it
  • Mon, 16:41: And they've been naked for days! *vomit* #GH
  • Mon, 16:45: So will they all see old Jason's face when the bandages come off? #GH
  • Mon, 16:51: Busted! #GH
  • Mon, 16:58: Franco next time go to the cops first #GH
  • Mon, 17:45: Yelled at a couple of brats hitting the box that gives us power with a stick. Where can I rent an old lady to yell at then w a cane? Lol

October Anime

So so far I've like everything I've watched.
Well I'm undecided about Gugure! Kokkuri-san. Will give it another episode. The girl is too annoying for words, but want to see Sakurai's character more.

So keeping:
Madan no Ou to Vanadis - Ishikawa + Satelight
Donten ni Warau - bros: You-kyan, Kaji, Tsubasa + Sakurai etc
World Trigger - Kaji, You-kyan, Fukuyama, Fujiwara, Suzumaru, Shimono, Miki, Noto
Shingeki no Bahamut - fugly character art but Yocchin's in it....

ABout to try: Nantsu no Taizai this one's got music by Sawano-san - Kaji (seems to be his season lol), Tatsu-chan, Fukuyama, Mamo-chan, Kimura
no words


Finally there was a sub for Nanatsu no Taizai.

It's a keeper. Yes, I'm Sawano-san bias.
Yes, I seem to be Kaji Yuki bias as well. Yes, Sawano-san and Kaji seem to go hand in hand at times (see: Guilty Crown, Attack on TItan)

FLOW X GRANRODEO ED theme (or OP not sure) haven't heard it yet
Tatsu-chan is Ban (next ep i think)
Kaji's in the first ep.

We have a talking pig named: Hawk

Fukuyama Jun, Mamo-chan, Kimura, Nojima Hirofumi...

I may or may not have missed some dialogue cuz i was listening to Sawano-san's score. Yes I totally pre-ordered it today.

Also if you go to the official page and click on "special" you can get some icons for twitter.

Amamiya Sora is Elizabeth (see: Aldnoah.Zero, Tokyo Ghoul)

There is some breast squeezing in this episode, but if Lizzy doesn't mind you shouldn't either. Just saying....