July 6th, 2015


July '15 anime and w/e you please

Gangsta. - watched episode 1 like 20 times now. Well okay a /certain/ part like 20 times. You know, you know which part that is. Lots of voilence and some sexual content, so stay clear if that bothers you. Seiyuu: Suwabe, Tsuda, Ishikawa, Noto, Koshimizu, etc.

Ranpo Kitan - bit of an oddball one here. And I still refuse to believe that kid isn't a girl. Seiyuu: Sakurrai, Konishi, Koyasu, Kappei, etc.

Durarara!!x2 Ten - ugh.. too much talking in this episode. I mean it was nice to have Togusa speak (more than a combinedness of the previous 2 series in just 1 episode) but with everyone just blah blah blah. Also I just watched the last series' last episode. lol I may drop this one.

Aohara x Kikanjuu - my wildcard watch. Not sure what to think about it yet. Reminds me of Ouran of obvious reasons.

Classroom Crisis - Not sure if i want to watch this one. I'll try one more episode. Seiyuu: Yoshino, Showtaro, Inoue, Toyonaga, etc.

Not watching Ushio didn't make it too far into it either. Fujiwara's old man character decided it's fade. Sorry.

Still to try:
Junjo Rom 3
God Eater
Jitsu wa Watashiwa
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Prison School (which i can't see myself watching at all)

Still watching Arslan, though this week was a recap so I didn't watch it.

Missing in Action the final episode of Kekkai Sensen. To be aired at an unknown date and time. Idiots.

that's it i've got nothing else....