July 17th, 2015



is becoming an anime for (hopefully) October.... If interested in some translations for say, the Drama CDs & some chapters of the manga check out this page. (also get the drama CDs - 4Shared)

Tatsu-chan plays Tsubaki
Kaji plays Kuro
Terashima plays Mahiru
Horie Kazuma plays Lily
Shimono plays Misono

Deep... lazy voice Kaji.... when human; normal voice when kitty....

i think Licht is that guy from... you know... umm....Free! though... annn doesn't call him 'Licht'....

some guy i don't is playing Sakuya.... Fukamachi Toshinari

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu plays Berukia

Some hype human vampire cat angel things. srsly.

July anime

alright alright. So i'm trying to watch 8 shows this season. That's 4 over my limit of well... 4.

Anyways I've pre-ordered 3 Singles. Op single of God Eater; OP & ED of GANGSTA.

So let's throw up some YT vids of those for you all....


GANGSTA. ED 'Yoru no Kuni' by Annabel (written by RON; produced by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION)

God Eater OP 'Feed A' by OLDCODEX (I actually didn't know about this til i watched the first epi)