January 8th, 2016

Nico rain

Got some scanning done yesterday

Shared a few things. You can't seen them if you're not on the friends list.

Some more to come (hopefully) GANGSTA. OST (which i regret buying it's not that great), GANGSTA. ED theme by Annabel, ARSLAN OST, Seraph OST, MFS - Alone single, MWAM - Raise Your Flag.... Sawano-san had an album in there some place too. It was an awesome year for music lovers.

How does everyone like Tatsu-chan's shorter hair?

2016 Anime

I know. spamming i am.

So tried 3 anime so far keeping them all.

Active Raid - although i need to rewatch it since there was a lot of info and i was eating so.... Nakagawa K's the composer (think s-CRY-ed-ish you'll be good)

Norn9 - Kaji Yuki. That's all I'm saying. But yellow subs and the quality isn't that great. Also just a 720 out so far. okay Yoshino's in it too. Make note of this.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - reason on my list? Kajiura Yuki's doing the music. Some know seiyuu mostly not but the gem of the season maybe?