April 21st, 2016


Final Fantasy Type-0

So playing this again (though when i started aka when it was released for PC my arm was broken and it was too hard to play) anyways it's STILL hard to play. I can't seem to remember all the 5000 different keys and combos. I'm playing with a trainer cuz well it's too hard!!!

My post from FB last nite:
I'm so playing Final Fantasy Type-0 for the seiyuu. Ishida, you want me to go into your secret lab with you? sure I'm game. Only to be rescued by Sakurai-san. And after your 2nd dream about Fujiwara-san (Izana) they tell you (Kaji aka Ace) Rem was looking for you and when u finally find her she wants to be alone with Kamiya. And who can blame her? :p

I lean mostly to playing as Ace. But some interactions what you to be various players like Machina (Kamiya) when Rem said they wanted to talk alone.

I completely finsihed Final Fantasy IX which was recently released via Steam. I know ShadowTurk would have wanted me to play it. He was such a huge FF fan.  Still can't believe he's gone.

But that one didn't have speaking roles.... which may have been a good thing. I also have yet to complete FF 13; and 13-2.... don't own the 3rd in the series. Yet.