June 8th, 2016

no words

Mail service possible interrupt--

ion.... that's right on the event that Canada Post goes on strike (again) that'll suck.

Cuz the service so great currently, that i'm sure they want more money. They are already blaming the government for everything.

CUrrently in da mail: Koutetsu no Kabaneri (Knk) OP Single by EGOIST, KnK OST by Sawano Hiroyuki (i know, I has a problem...), Super Lovers ED single (Minagawa Junko, Maeno Tomoaki, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu & Terashima Takuma), OLDCODEX Single Collection "Fixed Engine" [RED LABEL] [w/ Blu-ray, Limited Edition].

For OLDCODEX for sure I went with Air Mail in hopes it doesn't take a decade for it to arrive.

July Anime (June for some)

Arslan S2
Nanatsu no Taizai 4-part speical

^-- the deal here? Arslan for 8 weeks then Nanatsu for the remaining 4. Stupid, I know. But don't worry Arslan will add more and more characters tot he already too huge for words cast for no real reason. So worry not. Adding: Inada Tetsu, Saito Soma, Hino Satoshi (whom i will forever HATE now thanks to Amnesia Memories like WTF was that shit?), Sakurai Takahiro & Tsuda Kenjiro.

Servamp (been waiting since over a year for this bloody anime they better do a good job. Pre-ordered the OP by OLDCODEX already)
Fukigen na Mononokean (June 28th)
Fudanshi Koko Seikatsu
Sacred Rider Xechs
Cheer Boys!!
Hatsukoi Monster
Active Raid S2 (one of those if i finish Series 1 I'll be good moments)
Starmyu OVAs

Sawano's doing the music for the 4=part speical shit. See how that goes. If they release music from it I'll buy it though.

Seki Tomokazu's in the Final Fantasy XV prequel CGI movie: "Kingsglaive" That's exciting. as Luche Lazarus.
Also starring: Ayano Gou as Nyx, Kutsuna Shiori as Lunafreya, Isobe Tsutomu as Regis (Noctis' Papa; Noctis being Tatsu-chan in the game), Kanuka Mitsuaki as Libertus, Yamadera Kouichi as Drautos & Fujimura Ayumi as Crowe.
English cast was previously (well the top 3 anyway) annonced at that event my friend would have been at if he hadn't passed away.