August 2nd, 2016


vent / rage post


Kamiya Tsurugi is a character from Servamp. His FIRST appearance is in chapter 39. CHAPTER 39. Which is either volume 7 or 8. So WTF you assholes doing the anime? WHAT THE FUCK?

Episode 5 the deconstructing of a series for no apparent reason at all other then stupidity and introducing Kamiyan and Ono Daisuke to cast and making it impossible to follow. And spoiling future character introductions in the manga for me. Thanks ever so. I'm on volume 6. The latest to be released in North America. Assholes.

Also Mahiru and Kuro can't be far apart so explain this shit to me? He's not even in the lab! and the delivery of the letter? the reading of the letter? Mahiru's "Uncle" where? Can I straggle someone now?

and then at the end of the shitstorm episode introduce Lawless who doesn't even appear til volume 5. So we will just throw away volume 4 like it's garbage.

Not getting any of the character building for Mahiro, Misono, Kuro & Snow Lily (who is a major important focus of volume 4 btw). Now we have Tatsu & Hugh and passing on that stuff as well. There's the "antiques seller" Mikuni & Jeje. Remember them? Exactly. That whole background thing with Misono, Mikuni and their father? Not important. Apparently.

I think they want to gather all the SerVamps together and "defeat" Tsubaki without even doing the background build up work needed. Good job.

Next week stay tuned for volume 5 - Licht & Lawless. And Tsubaki's goons.... maybe some music..... nothing useful.