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dark-alone [userpic]

Well Hello

December 5th, 2017 (05:36 pm)
music: Opera by PHERO☆MEN

Is it 2018 yet? 

Now The Queen wants my soul. A good reason to never get OSAP.

So I've been struggling watching "fluff" anime this season. I've been pretty good keeping up-to-date with Sengoku Night Blood. And Dynamic Chord... which even amazes me (watching Dynamic Chord I mean). Just caught up on TsuPro.  Fallen behind on Kekkai Sensen & Beyond and massively so on Code Realize & Dies Irae. Black Clover I dropped, cuz: IRRITATING. 

Konishi Katsuyuki is in Sengoku Night Blood as Takeda Shingen (Werewolf) and he had a single come out titled: 'VICTORIOUS'


Pretty awesome listen.
Not my rip.

dark-alone [userpic]


December 5th, 2017 (08:03 pm)
music: Diamond Eyes by Terashima

So since I've been watching Dynamic Chord, I've been lucky enough to hear Tershima sing some "Rock". Don't get me wrong I love: 'Sunlight Avenue' from SERVAMP (even if the anime was utter crap), but 'Diamond Eyes' ... well lets just say if you didn't know they were both sang by the same person you wouldn't.

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