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Work babble and then some...


I get there this morning, and see tons and tons of blankets (in there packages) near my stock room. WTF? comes to mind right away.
I swipe in, and come back out stare. and then go to get the keys.... see big empty space... where 2 fixtures used to be..... @#$%!!?!?!?!!!!
Then i proceed to talk to myself: "what the fuck? Why the hell are MY fixtures gone?" Then remember i need to get my keys, so i go do that and open up the stockroom door..... and then STARE at the shelves while thinking about where to put all the blankets w/o a home now. The whole time talking to myself in a rant mode fashion. I rearrange stuff in my already packaged shelves to fit these blankets. I go out to look at what blankets i have, and see Murray coming with today's stock and think, that of course today of all days i get my stock early. And that's when he tells me that when he came into work yesterday, with 2 things he needed to do, they gave him more things, and that Brenda came up to him and said she was just told that 2 fixtures in the Linens department need to be sent to another store. The new one in Waterloo to be exact. That they "needed" them.

WTF? I need them. We NEED them.  We were USING them, they were FULL. Full of blankets. And what are we getting a lot of right now? B-L-A-N-K-E-T-S. Stupid idiots. Nobody told me. Almost nobody knew about it period.

It gets better.... the stock, like most of it, is for Bay Days, which is in about 2 weeks. Meaning I can't put it out. I can't unpack it, because the shelves are full of pillows and BLANKETS. MURDER.

James was in so YAY! housewares, he did the stock for today.

I was stuck there til 2 today, which annoys me but... at about 15 mins to 1pm, I was in the Linens stockroom and I here over the PA: 14J & 14Z. Please go to the Furniture section. 14J & 14Z to the Furniture section. And also Wendy A" (Wendy A - is Wendy N, her number is 14A)  I'm thinkin' 'what hellish things are they gonna make them do in furniture?'  I had to take a couple glass vases over to decorative and was glancing over to the furniture section and I see Debbie (14Z), Wendy (14A), Jane (14J), and someone who looked a lot like Mary Anne. So I put down the 2 vases and loop around over to them and it was her!

this is the first time i've seen her since she left to have her hip replacement surgery. I was so happy to see her.  She was on crutches. Her-- she looks so much better. The bags under her eyes were gone, her skin was a more healthy colour... i'm sure it was all from the pain she was feeling, and the stress of wondering if it was the cancer coming back or not. She really did look so good, her friend Barb was there too. She's bee helping Mary Anne do the everyday things. For 2 weeks Mary Anne couldn't have a shower. So she was happy when they removed the 52 staples. She can't bend over or down yet, so ppl have to shave her legs for her. >.> Barb was saying the Mary Anne's getting really bored and misses everyone and work. XD  I bet she does. She won't be back till Novemeber.

Still waiting on Lily's first appearance... may be longer then the scheduled Aug 22nd....
If she comes on the 23rd i'll be able to remember the date... that's Squall's b-day. XD

EDIT: oh and i had an accident with the door handle as work, and my god it hurts.
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