April 8th, 2021

sleepy ash

Stay at Home Order

Welcome to Ontario. Also of note we are Lvl 4 in the USA. The CDC is telling Americans to not come here. lolz

Until at least May 8th I'm home.

I was also so close to having my Easter/Christmas but that was cancelled too. XD

Other more epic news... My OLDCODEX — Full Colors album arrived yesterday.
It's a remix album but I got a taste of it before my first CD listen via Spotify so that was good.

However Tatsu decided to include a Photobook and the packaging is huge no clue where I'm putting it.

1 garden gate -FYKE Remix-
2 Julio -Full Colors Remix-
4 WALK -Shinichi Osawa Remix-
5 Rage on -KSUKE Remix-
6 美しい背骨 (Utsukushii Sebone) -DJ KEIKO Remix-
7 Heading to Over -Full Colors Remix-
8 Deal with -banvox Remix-
9 Lantana -KSUKE Remix-
10 Aching Horns -Full Colors Remix-

It's HUGE. Includes a Blu-ray as well.

Full Colors plus 1st press photo card & sticker set
Full Colors plus 1st press photo card & sticker set
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