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Helena Bonham Carter

What an awful tragedy.

The filming of the new Terminator movie (of which i could careless about, btw) has been halted so she can return home to Britian to comfort her family, and to grieve.

What happened is... well in a word: horrible.

Some of her family members were in South Africa on a Safari holiday, when the minibus they were travelling in spun out of control after a tire had burst, and it flipped over. (About a 6 hr drive from Johannesburg)

Her cousin: Fiona Bonham Carter (51) received a broken shoulder, her son Piers, just whiplash, however the others were not so lucky. Another son of Finoa's, Marcus Egerton-Warburton (14), her mother: Brenda (74), and stepfather Francis Kirkwood (75) all died. Finoa's sister-in-law, Kay Boardman (54) also died, in this horrible accident.

So if you are a fan of the Terminator movies, and didn't/don't understand why they halted the filming, this is why. And i suggest you keep your self-centred asshatery to yourselves.

Google it.

And while i'm at it... Don S. Davis best know for his role as General Hammond on Stargate: SG1/Atlantis passed away on June 29th, at age 65.  He was also in the last Stargate: SG1 movie.
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