dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

PB aka I watched 2 hrs of tv last night

2 hrs is a lot for me, but it was Prison Break, so i'll survive it. Oddly a lot of the preimeres seem to be 2hrs... it's odd. Well at least PB, Bones and Heroes will be/were.

They delivered what they said they were gonna.... It's all really odd.. but whatever.

PS: no i don't want Bones or Heroes. Just for the record.

Also i saw a commerical for House as well... hmm should be interesting....

Smallville note... Oliver is back for at least the first ep, which may be the only reason i watch it. Why? well I only watched for Lex, and Lex is gone. Lana is gone. Karta is gone. Well Kara will be there for one ep to wrap up her story and then bai-bai. Lana will be back for about 5 eps... Lois isn't even supposed to be in that many... so i ask... wth?
Tags: tv: prison break

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