dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

MF 22

Well in a word.... and i've always thought this:ALTO IS AN IDIOT

after the whore/idiot make out scene, and maybe some form of love confusion, don't know i skipped it, The gang minus, Klan (i understand this), Luka (well he's a traitor anyway) and Alto head off to Ranka? a tad sketchy on the details, not that good with my limited japanese. XD
I was cheering for Ozma's side, and very happily so, i think i may have even wished that Alto would get killed... or at least silence his endless talking.


and i may get that next week... this alternating screen time with Sheryl is deeply annoying.
There was clips of Chibi Ranka & Chibi Brera.....

I worry about the end of this one. WORRY MUCHLY.

Tags: anime: macross frontier

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