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next victims

vector me has selected the following image of love:

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I want to do a Lelouch & Rolo one too at some point... Got it all picked out and about 5 or 6 screencaps stuck together and everything...

Speaking of Lelouch, I got my Date Lelouch Prop Plus Petit figure today, it's so adorable. ^^



it's very plot important, or at least they've made it seem that way... so enough with Sheryl (sorry if you like her)  We know all about her. What we don't know is about Ranka, Brera & Grace, and the Vadja and how it all ties together.  I've already got that Alto is an idiot, so stop expressing that.

Tags: anime: code geass, anime: macross frontier, chara: brera sterne, chara: lelouch lamperouge, chara: ranka, graphics: vector

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