dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

YesAsia vs CDJapan

So yesasia has my Yocchin's G00 Single listed but CDJapan doesn't yet. But I can't order it from YesAsia because I want to be sure to get the card, so i guess I'll wait a bit more....

Gundam 00 Voice Actor Single 3 : Taiyou

But i did manage to add a CD to one of my open orders on CDJapan anyway....

Hakanaku mo Eikyu no Kanashi Gundam 00 Edition / Limited Release - UVERworld

"Twelveth single release from UVERworld featuring the intro theme to hit anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season." This limited pressing edition includes the track "Hakanakumo Towa no Kanashi (opening size)(subject to change)," deluxe digipak case, and illustration of Mobile Suit Gundam. Limited-time issue available only until the end of December 2008."

i just noticed it says: "opening size" >.>

EDIT: yesasia also manages to list G00 VA Single 4 as coming out in October, while it says 3 comes out in November.... interesting....
Tags: anime: gundam 00, merch

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