dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

39 MF & CG R2 Icons


Brera Karen Klan

Code Geass R2 - Animations

Kagura Kagura Kissu


C.C. C.C. 
Lelouch Lelouch Lelouch
Karen Karen Karen Kissu Karen & Lelouch

Macross Frontier - Animation



Bobby Captain
Brera Brera 
Ozma Ozma Ozma 
Brera & RankaBrera Brera & Ranka  Ranka
Klan Klan Klan Klan Klan Klan Klan

Planet Planet Planet Stars SMS mecha
credit: dark_alone  if used.

Welcome to everyone i picked up from that small fandom meme
And welcome to icon spamming of your f-lists. XD

Tags: anime: code geass r2, anime: macross frontier, graphics: icons

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