dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

ah man

okay, you know how i was PAINTING yesterday? And i was happy to be painting too.

Well the lovely container that I had my VARSOL in decided to not be air tight, so while i was sleeping in my room with the painting, paint and LEAKING varsol container I inhales fumes all night long. Thusly this morning feeling completely like shit, and still having my cold, I opted to call in sick.

So now after attempting to kill myself and using up my one act of stupidity for the month already, I will try to make my way through the remainder of the week without doing anything else completely stupid, unintentionally or otherwise.

my room was just full of the smell, it was awful.  So while feeling absolutely sick, I turned the AC on opened the door, opened the balcony door, turned on a fan and removed the paint from the table and lite a couple incense sticks now it doesn't smell too bad, and I had a small 1 or so nap, which was just great with FRESH air, but still not feeling so great. :/ But i'm alive! Thank gawd I don't smoke. lol

Oh and I have the mineral spirits on the ready. So much safer to use, and i don't know why i wasn't using them yesterday. how Stupid of me. -_-

PS: I hope it was a Lite stock day at work.

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