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Tracklists and Babel fun

So um.. i think i'll buy MF OST 2, i didn't buy the first one, but i love Ranka's Aoi Ether song.

Anyways.. CG R2 OST II comes out next week, and I'll get it the week after i'm sure. XD

01 僕は、鳥になる。 / Hitomi
02 Boy from Britannia
03 Aura
04 Overwriting
05 The Ruins as they were
06 Eleven
07 No Sentences
08 Dark activity
09 Guren
10 What's Justice?
11 Blue Tiger
12 Showdown
13 Le Repos Du Guerrier
14 Sub-chairman
15 Forbidden City
16 Last Evening
17 Cheese
18 Pure Feelings
19 And more…
20 Eternal Separation
21 Desperation
22 Reversed Thinking
23 Theory Outside
24 Memory Museum
25 Nunnally
26 Birthplace
27 Misconduct
28 Check Mate
29 After the War
30 Continued Story / Hitomi

XD @ 17 - Cheese
Cover is lovely.

Amazon Japan lists MF 's 2nd OST tracklist:

01 Prologue F
02 ノーザンクロス(歌 シェリル)
03 トライアングラー(fight on stage)(試聴しましたが、なんとランカとシェリルのデュエットです!すごいです)
04 HighSchoolLife
05 トランスフォーメーション
06 アナタノオト(歌 ランカ)
07 Test Flight Delight
08 星間飛行(歌 ランカ)
09 イヌミミランカ (ランカの歌?)
10 妖精(歌 シェリル)
11 追憶のトランペット
12 真空のダイアモンド クレバス(歌 シェリル)
13 愛・おぼえていますか~bless the little queen(歌 ランカ)
14 蒼のエーテル(歌 ランカ)
15 is this LOVE?
16 shadow of Michael
17 アイモ O.C.(歌 ランカ)
18 Battle Frontier
19 娘々サービスメドレー(どんなサービスをメドレーするんだい?)(1)ライオン(2)インフィニティ(3)私の彼はパイ(ここまでしか書いてないです「パイロット」でしょうね。
20 プロトカルチュア

Babel translates raw as:

01 Prologue F
02 northern crosses (song [shieriru])
03 [toraiangura] (fight ON stage) (the audition it did, but it is how [ranka] and duet of [shieriru]! It is enormous, is)
04 HighSchoolLife
05 transformations
06 [anatanooto] (song [ranka])
07 Test Flight Delight
08 interstellar flights (song [ranka])
09 [inumimiranka] (song of [ranka]? )
10 fairies (song [shieriru]) Trumpet of
11 recollection Diamond crevasse of
12 vacuum (song [shieriru])
13 love you have remembered or, ~bless the little queen (song [ranka])
14 green ethers (song [ranka])
15 is this LOVE?
16 shadow of Michael
17 Eyemo O.C. (Song [ranka])
18 Battle Frontier
19 daughter 々 service medleies (what kind of service medley is done, it is to be? ) (1) the lion (2) infinity (3) as for my him the pie (it is written to only here, is, don't you think? “the pilot” probably will be. (3) Later whether being no tune whether some song having entered for the present, is unclear)
20 [purotokaruchiyua]


01 Prologue F
02 Northern Crosses (Sheryl)
03 Triangler (fight ON stage) -- okay so Ranka & Sheryl sang this at some point? o.O
04 High School Life
05 transformations
06 [anatanooto] (Ranka)  <-- mmmm
07 Test Flight Delight
08 interstellar flights (Ranka)
09 [inumimiranka] (Ranka? ) <-- inu mimi ranka? huh?
10 Trumpet of fairies (Sheryl)
11 Diamond crevasse of recollection
12 vacuum (Sheryl)
13 Do you remember Love ~bless the little queen (Ranka)  <-- ep 24, btw
14 greenAoi Ethers (Ranka)
15 is this LOVE?
16 shadow of Michael
17 Eyemo Aimo O.C. (Ranka)
18 Battle Frontier
19 daughter 々 <-- this one lost me completely. like wth? XD
20 [purotokaruchiyua] <-- no clue, at this point


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